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The Ultimate Eye Package

Do you want to enhance the eyes, but hate the feeling and upkeep of false lashes?

Our Ultimate Eye Package is the perfect treatment, whether you are going away and don't want to wear make-up, that special occasion to give an amazing base for eye make-up, or you just want the day to day ease of looking awake (even if you don't feel it!)

There are so many amazing benefits to this treatment;

-This treatment will enhance your natural lashes, without needing ongoing maintenance.

- Throw out the eyelash curlers! You won't need them with your newly treated lashes.

-Your morning routine will be so much quicker, you can even ditch the mascara if you want as the lash tint performed in this treatment will darken the lashes.

-The lashes will look thicker, fuller and longer after the treatment.

The eyes will appear more open, so you will look wide awake and more youthful (even if you don't feel it).

- Lash perming and tinting is a great alternative to Eyelash extensions, it is an enhancement on your own lashes so you won't feel any product upon completion of the treatment, an extremely low maintenance treatment with minimal aftercare required.

-The treatment lasts around 6 - 8 weeks, although most clients opt for a little eyebrow maintenance in between.

-The Ultimate Eye Package is perfect for Special Occasions, holidays or as a regular treat to help ease your morning routine.

-If you suffer from hay fever and find your eyes stream or itch like crazy, or you are into sports where make-up ends up down your face, this is perfect for days where you don't want to wear mascara.

-Teamed up with the eyebrow tint and shape, this will open and lift the eyes!

Before and after The Ultimate Eye Package

It is vital that a patch test is carried out for both the perming and tinting products to be used within the treatment, even if you have had this done else where before! The patch test will be applied at least 24-48 hours before the treatment. If possible it is best to arrive for your treatment make-up free around the eyes, most people like to make sure they don't have any plans as it is highly recommended to avoid applying make-up after the treatment.

In your treatment, the lashes will be permed to lift the lashes giving the illusion of longer lashes and more open eyes, tint will be applied to both the lashes and brows which will give a nice even colour and create the illusion of thicker and longer hairs. Finally, the brows will be shaped using the most suited method, this will finish off the enhanced look and will also make the eye are appear cleaner and more open.

For the first 24 hours after the treatment, you must follow the aftercare instructions, as the lashes will still be setting you don't want to affect the longevity of the results.

-You will need to avoid wearing mascara or any products on the eye area.

-Avoid getting the lashes wet, or letting them come into contact with any product, this can cause the lashes to drop.

-Do not swim, or use the sauna/steam room.

-6 - 8 weeks after your treatment, the lashes will start to relax which is when you want to start thinking about getting booked back in again.

-Most clients will book in for brow maintenance (tint and shape) after around 3 weeks.

The Ultimate Eye Package is absolutely amazing value for money at only £40.00, what are you waiting for? Snap this up whilst you can!

If you have any more questions or to book, just drop me a message or give me a call



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